lørdag den 31. december 2016

Changes in the doll family in 2016 and my plans for 2017

I feel like every year (since I joined the hobby) has been a crazy year doll-wise, but I think I've finally started to find my style in dolls and found the way I want to go with my dolls.
I can see that I don't sell so many dolls any more, which is good as it allows me to work more on the dolls before I sell them to try something new, but it is also bad as I'll run out of room to store them...

Here is my end-of-the-year summary.

I started 2016 with these dolls (dolls in bold are still with me):
Elfdoll tan Ruru Volks SD16 hybrid
Elfdoll Vivien Soom hybrid
Fifth Motif Venitu
Iplehouse EID Rex (body was sold)
Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca
Iplehouse Skull Crow head
Peakswoods Dlight
Popodoll Ramiel
Ringdoll Zombie Sol
Ringdoll Norman Dark Side 2.0 head
Simply Divine Medusa Valentina head
Soom Bix Ringdoll hybrid
Twigling Ylisande nYID hybrid
Volks YoTenshi Yuh
Volks SD16 Ruby
Volks SD16 Ruby Ringdoll hybrid

New dolls in 2016:
Cat's Doll Tove head
Dollshe 28M body for Iplehouse Rex
Fifth Motif Goohwa
Iplehouse Soo head
Les Enfants Terribles Don head
Nabarro Booth head
Nabarro Sumner head
Nabarro Yakumo Angelheim hybrid

Waiting for:
Dollshe Classic Johnny Depp
Fairyland Lacrima sleeping head (gift)
Luts Bory
Luts Abadon (gift)
Nabarro Cyril head
Nabarro Har on Dollstown 18y body
Twigling Kahlo
Soom Dia

What happened in 2016?
I bought a lot of heads this year and a few dolls...

I'm not sure about the Cat's Doll Tove head. He didn't fit either of the two characters I had considered, so now I don't know what to do with him. Maybe I end up selling him or using him or my evil-guy.

My Iplehouse Rex got his new body. I hope my sister soon has time to try on his pirate outfit. I'm really interested to see how it looks on that body.

Fifth Motif Goohwa arrived on Christmas! That was a nice surprise and so quick on the customs. It took less that 5 days from he was caught in customs until my sister could pick him up (and that included me sending them documents and the customs processing them). His outfit has arrived and his wig should arrive soon. It's made by SophyMolly on Etsy, and it looks very nice. Not precisely as I imagined it, but close enough.

I received an Iplehouse Soo head this year in a trade. It's very nice, and I think she can fit very well as Alva. At first I wanted another Iplehouse head, but I'm happy with Soo.

I also got the LET Don head. He's just great, and already I have ordered his outfit and sword. He still needs a body, wig, eyes, boots. But that can come later.

I also bought a lot of Nabarro heads. I started with wanting Sumner, but buying Booth, and then it spread to all the others. I don't remember when I got them but i notice they were not on my doll list starting 2016.

Now I'm waiting for quite a few dolls also.

When Captain Jack came up for sale on Dollshe's site I bought him. There are no pictures of him yet and I expect to wait for him more than a year, but Captain Jack Sparrow is just so cool.

I won the Fairyland Lacrima head in Calfuray's giveaway on Instagram. There is something special about Fairyland, so I'm very excited about this head. I hope to have her eyes opened, and then we'll see what happens to her. Not sure how tall I'll be able to make her. Would love her to be 63cm, but I'm not sure I can make her taller than 60cm.

I bought a MSD doll (though I'm still waiting for it), Luts Bory. I bought so much from Luts in that order that I qualified for a free doll, so I chose a Abadon on the 70cm body in brown skin. That will be interesting, but also completely broke my doll budget. But just after spending all my money on Luts, I was offered to buy two Nabarro heads, so I spend even more money....

Nabarro Cyril and Nabarro Har head. Another TWO Nabarro head (five down, one to go). I was really lucky with these. I posted a picture of my bjd wish list, and someone saw it, pointed me in the right direction, and *vupti* more Nabarro heads will come in. Har will come on a Dollstown body, but the character should be more lean, so I hope I can find another body for him later on. Maybe the DSAM body from Dollshe (am considered that for both Cyril and Har), as it's been recommended to me and it looks really good. And then perhaps the Dollstown body can go to Nabarro Sumner since I've been wanting a body like that for him or I can sell it.

Twigling Kahlo is at my friends place, but because she's not with me I feel like I'm still waiting for her. I don't know what to do with her, but time will show.

And finally Soom Dia. He is the last doll I bought this year (or I'm buying on layaway). At this time I really shouldn't spend more money, but I was able to do a long layaway, so that will be okay. Dia is one of the dolls I really love. I had him in NS, but that color didn't work for him or me. So I am extremely happy to be able to buy him on layaway in tan from Fantasywoods. I have no more money now, but he will be mine and I am excited :D

I'm also waiting for tons of items - outfits, wigs, eyes, weapons, etc. Most of these are in the extremely large Luts order, but also from other places...

Plans for 2017:

First and foremost! Don't buy new dolls. I know I will not be able to keep this, but my promise will be to not buy more dolls or doll-items until Soom Dia is paid off, and that should be easy enough to keep.
If I can keep my buying to a Nabarro Wally head, a Dollshe Bermann, a Ringdoll boy, a doll from Peakswoods, a head from EdelweissSculpt, or some very cool head from a smaller artist then that would be good.

I need to get more bodies for all the new heads. I need to figure out if I want the heads blushed a bit darker and then buy a body in a different color or if I want the head and body to match in color. I think Sumner should be a bit darker (like real skin) but then should Booth also?
I don't think Iplehouse Skull Crow will get his own body, because he shares with Volks Ruby as they are two sides of the same character, but maybe if I win the lottery or there is a sale of a Ringdoll RGM-4 body in tan.

I really hope to finish some of the dolls next year.

lørdag den 3. december 2016

Fifth Motif Goohwa and Les Enfants Terribles Don

I just read on Fifth Motif's facebook page that my doll will ship next week (an avatar blue Goohwa for me).... I'm so excited even if I don't get to play with him (as he is shipping straight to my Sister's place in Denmark). Today his outfit arrived, so when he shows up, my sister will dress him and show me pictures. I'm so excited. His wig is still being made, but I don't expect it to ship until the end of December.

And because I keep falling in love with dolls, I bought a Les Enfants Terribles Don head. To me that head is amazing. I love that he does not look young, and he is just the perfect head for Rover (a character I hope to introduce later, but he is inspired by Aragon in Lord of the Rings).

fredag den 2. december 2016

Elliot; Creator of Life and Death (Volks YoTenshi Yuh)

Elliot is also known as the Creator. She is the first Fate, and was created long before the other Fates. At the time of her creation she was supposed to be the only Fate.

Many thusands of years ago the five Dudali (the humany subspecies) fought each other in the First Great War. Creator was the only Fate then, and she was nearly destroyed trying to do all the work and keep the Dudali from murdering each other.
After the First Great War, Sky Man and Sky Woman decided to make the other two Fates.
Because Creator was the first Fate she has powers that the others do not. She can do their work. She can keep Earth Kingdom running by herself whereas the other two cannot. They have specific work and can only do that.

Creator also has the ability to call forth the Guardian. I have a few ideas about the Guardian, but I have not decided completely, so it might change a bit later on....: Creator can turn into the Guardian. I know the Guardian was made to be used if for some reason the Earth is under attack that will result in death of everyone. Creator has direct control, and can use the Guardian whenever she wants. She doesn't do it often and last time in the First Great War.

Creator looks like a little girl, but do not mistake her for a little girl. She is many thousands of years old. She looks young because she rarely goes to Earth (the divine beings and the fates are all immortal, but they slowly turn mortal and age when they are on Earth).
As the Guardian she grows bigger and has a big sword and shield. The sword to fight the evil and the shield to protect the people.

She's seen destruction and war, but also peace and prosperity. Her main work is to create the fates (fates as in lives) of the Dudalis. She is also the most cynical of the Fates because she does not understand emotions.

Her title is the Creator of Life and Death, because not only does she create the lives, but she's also the one who decides the length of each life.

This is Creator; Volks YoTenshi Yuh. The doll look only very little like the idea I have in my mind, but I love this doll so much that the image in my head has changed to fit this girl.

Yuh is my only non-SD doll. Her size is all wrong and she does not look that much like Creator, but she's still kinda perfect for the role.

lørdag den 26. november 2016

Iplehouse Rex on Dollshe 28M L4 body (hybrid)

For a long time I have been considering changing Nathaniel's (IH Rex) body. I don't really like the Iplehouse bodies as they are very difficult for me to pose. They wont sit, they wont hold their arms, they fall over...
So some months ago I sold Nathaniel's body and thus forced myself to finally make a decision. I decided to buy a Dollshe 28M body for him instead. I ordered it to my sister's (Avi) place as she's babysitting my dolls while I am in China.

Yesterday the body arrived. From the pictures it looks like a fine hybrid, I think. The resin match looks very good, the size of the head/body looks fine. I think, the neck looks a bit long but maybe it will help when he is properly dressed. I'm very curious to see him dressed and styled, but his outfit/wig/etc are packed away, so it will take some time before my sister finds it all.

Here are the pictures:

tirsdag den 22. november 2016

ProBJDartists day

I've participated in this event for the past years. This year I also participated. I ended up using an old photo- I really wanted to use Phryne, but she is not with me in China.

I've always loved Elfdoll Vivien and I've had the her as four different characters, but none of them felt just right, until I came up with Phryne. The trouble with Phryne was that she should be a light tan, tall, feminine, and appear 'scary'.
I had settled for just making her as the human version (before all the trouble with scorpion poison fusing into her DNA), but still I had problems. I wanted a tan Vivien. That does not exist, so I eventually came up with the idea to blush Vivien tan and then hybrid her on a bigger (and already tan) body. I had not heard about Soom making a Vesuvia doll in tan resin, but I don't follow Soom dolls so much because I think their dolls all look the same (I do have a Soom boy though so perhaps I shouldn't complain :P). When I saw a Vesuvia for sale I had to have that body.
Finally, she could come together and she was perfect IMO. It was hard work and a lot of money, but waiting and trying and considering hybrids were time well spent.
To me Phryne proves that there is always a solution to doll-problems. There is no reason to turn to illegal copies and stealing. There really are no excuses to buy recasts. The End. It's not up for discussion.

Here is the picture of Phryne:

fredag den 18. november 2016

Nabarro dolls and the Gods of Freaksland

For me, Nabarro dolls were love at first sight. Unfortunately I only discovered them pretty late, but I've been able to get my hands on Sumner, Booth, and now Yakumo.
I have only one body here in Beijing, but Yakumo already stole it from my Cat's Doll Tove (it was not a good match for Tove anyway).

A few weeks ago I promised myself that I would only make the gods in my universe as dolls if I could get Nabarro dolls for them because I think that would be fantastic.
All my gods have tentative names because I have not had the time to work so much on them or their characters.

I have:
Sumner will by Sky Man
Booth will be Sky Woman
Yakumo will be Khaos.

And if I ever find them then:
Wally will be Balance
Har will be the Second
Cyril will be the First

I'll just quickly explain the gods and how they fit into my doll universe.

The Gods and the Divine Kingdoms:

The divine kingdoms are Sky Kingdom and Earth Kingdom (Earth is separate and not divine).

In the beginning there was nothing. Then from the nothingness came forth a deity. He was the First. He saw potential in the nothingness, but needed help. He ripped off his arm and from it created the Second deity. Together they created the Sky Kingdom, where they lived together.

The First sacrificed himself to make the Earth below the Sky Kingdom, this resulted in the creation of Khaos and Balance. Khaos seeks to create chaos on Earth and Balance seeks to create balance in the world. The Second created two more deities; Sky Man and Sky Woman.

Sky Man and Sky Woman sought to create mortals, but they could not agree on what traits were most important. Sky Man created the Elves to live in harmony with the world. Sky Woman created the Orcs to cultivate the earth and grow food. Together they made the Humans to live in balance with the world. Khaos and Balance laughed and behind Sky Man and Sky Woman’s backs they made a few changes. Balance looked at the humans and gave some the gift of magic (thus creating the Wizards) and Khaos looked at the peaceful Orcs and from them created the Trolls (I have not yet discovered what he did). So the world ended up with five sub-species of “humany-looks”: humans, wizards, trolls, elves, and orcs. These five sub-species are known as the Dudali species to the gods.

Sky Man and Woman then created a being to watch and help the Dudali species, Creator. They also created the Earth Kingdom for the Creator to live. Later on Sky Man and Sky Woman created the Bringer and the Collector to help the Creator (and thus the three Fates came to be). The Creator, Bringer and Collector lives in Earth Kingdom, where they can watch the mortal men and women on Earth and help them in their lives. They are not gods themselves, but have divine blood and are immortal.

Sky Woman saw the mortals they had made, and felt sorry for the outcasts. She then decided to help, and went to Earth, where she brought the outcasts together. She used a blood ritual to create a new species from these outcasts, the Unity.

Sky Kingdom:
Here lives all the gods like Second (supreme ruler of the universe), Chaos, Balance, Sky Man, and Sky Woman (before she descended to Earth).

The style of dress in Sky Kingdom is very Asian. It is old school Korean and Chinese, and Sky Woman brought this kind of fashion to Earth and Unity. So Unity's dress is inspired by old Asian dresses and costumes, but with a modern twist.

Earth Kingdom:
Here lives the Fates, so they are closer to the Earth, where the mortal humans live. Here also all Fates/souls live after their mortal life is over (the souls are like a specks of light).

There is no specific style of dress in Earth Kingdom as the Fates dress very differently from each other, but generally in a style that matches the mortals that they watch and help.

Here live all mortals, and they dress very differently from each other.

mandag den 14. november 2016

The Unity - Alva and Branimir (Iplehouse Soo and Fifth Motif Goohwa)

Nikki asked for an explanation about how Branimir fits into my Doll Universe. It takes some explanation, but here goes :D

You know how every story needs bad guys? Mine are called Unity (very tentative title but so far I have not been able to come up with a better name). Now, I'm not that good at making bad guys because I always wants to know what drives them, why they act as they do, and suddenly I start to feel for the bad guy and wants to give them a better story (Voodoo actually started as a bad guy, but now he's one of the heroes...).

Unity is a species/race of humans that lives in a big colony under the Great Mountain. A person from Unity is called a Unit (again very tentative).

Unity came to be when a divine being felt sorry for the lost and lonely individuals from the different "human-y" races (humans, wizards, trolls, elves, and orcs). This divine being settled on Earth and gathered the lost and lonely around her. Using a blood ritual she was able to bring these individuals together to form a new human species/race, Unity.
A human who went through this ritual would be part human and part Unit.

Over hundreds of years Unity evolved into a eusocial colony with a hive mind, where the queen (the divine being) was regarded as the supreme leader. The queen rules only in the best interest of Unity, of the colony as a whole. For a long time this structure worked very well.
The Units stayed in the colony and never left, so Unity was not really known in the rest of the world.

Over thusand of years the queen slowly lost her power (as any other divine being who stays on Earth she slowly turned mortal and grew weak). She slowly lost the control over the hive mind, and people started to have individual thoughts and to blok the hive mind. This meant multiple fractions were formed and political ideas started to spread.

A Unit can be made through the blood ritual, but only the queen can perform that ritual. Units can also be made of children of Units (just one Unit parent is enough), and any Unit can transform a Unit-child into a Unit.
The Unity population had decreased over the last many years, so certain fraction within Unity saw the only way for Unity to survive as to increase the population which meant Units had to have children with non-Units and then turn the children into Units. This meant that many individuals from different human races were kidnapped and raped in an attempt to save Unity. Some of the outsiders married their captors and live a happy life, but most of the outsiders lived the rest of their lives as prisoners and child-makers. Outside of Unity no one really knew what happened to these individuals, so it was assumed they were killed by a strange and magical force, which caused a widespread fear, and the humans races named their fear The Darkness. It was only some Unity fractions who believed this way of survival, but they were able to spread their ideas to large parts of the Unity population, so it was an accepted way of life.

Some of the fractions were against the idea of rape and kidnapping as a way for their people to survive. Some worked in magic and tried to find ways to make the blood ritual without the queen. Some sought new ways for the population to survive with ideas of opening the gates, and let Unity try to live in peace with the human races.

As the queen grew weaker and lost more and more control over Unity, the fraction grew stronger, but no Unit could or would go against their queen and directly take her power for him- or herself... most probably.

A Unit can always be recognize, but Unit children, who have not yet been transformed, cannot. It is because the blood ritual used to turn someone into a Unit and the spell used to transform Unit-children both work on making the blood stronger, thicker, and more connected to Unity. Because the blood is altered it means Units look practically blue because the blood flows closer to the skin and in more veins.

Characters of Unit descent:

Alva (Iplehouse Soo) is the child of a full human mother and a Unit father (Borka). Her parents fell in love after her father left Unity to seek other ways for Unity to survive. They settled down, and her father hoped to used his own family as an argument to open the Unity gates and let Unity live in peace with the other human races.
Unfortunately, shortly after Alva was born her father died. Alva's mother raised the child on her own.
When Alva was around 15 some Units succeeded in creating a way to track Unit children so that they could bring them to the Great Mountain and turn them into Units. Shortly thereafter Units came to find her, but her mother fought them off, which allowed Alva to run away. She has been running ever since.... and one day she ran straight into Zombie, and the Freaks decided to help her.

Branimir (Fifth Motif Goohwa) is a full-blood Unit. He is the son of Borka and a Unit-lady, who's name I do not yet know. Borka and his Unit-wife were never happy together, and when Branimir turned 13, Borka left Unity and found happiness with a human woman and they had a child together (Alva). Before Borka left Unity he was a high standing politician and Branimir inherited his seat when Borka left. Branimir belongs to a fraction of Unity, who believes in opening the gates and interacting with the other human races.
When the tracking-magic allowed Unity to track Unity children, he was able to discover Alva was his half sister, and his world changed. He could not and would not allow Unity to turn his sister (whom he did not even know) against her will, and he set out to find her to protect her. He found her and since his paternal grandfather, Bodin,  had been half wizard, he was able to perform a little magic. He could not hide her core, but he made it difficult to track Alva. A Unit would know she was near but could not pinpoint her location, so she was often able to run away from the Units chasing her. He was also able to create a spell that would alarm him if Alva was in great distress. Branimir checked up on her as often as he could, but he also often had to be in the Great Mountain to fight the political ideas.
One day when the alarm went off he dropped everything and went to Alva, she was together with other humans but was fighting a battle with Units. As Branimir recognized the Units as very powerful trackers, he decided to join the fight. After the battle he finally told Alva everything.

onsdag den 9. november 2016

Fifth Motif Goohwa and Dollshe Bermann

Way back in June I did a shopping list/wish list including a list of dolls that I really, really wanted but they seemed impossible for me to get. One of them was a Fifth Motif Goohwa and another was Dollshe Bermann
Then someone did some magic and Fifth Motif opened for a new ordering periode for Goohwa and Venitu and Dollshe is remaking Bermann... I bought Goohwa right then and there. Bermann might join my family later on. I'm not really convinced about the pictures of the NewBermann head. But let's see. Also I really shouldn't spend all my money on dolls because I want to travel more (I'm considering spending Christmas in Disneyland in Japan).

In the same shopping list I had a "Whispering Grass Thomas head on Dollstown 18y body" written down. I've put him on hold because I'm using Goohwa for that character.

I'm not good at drawing I never much liked drawing on paper but I did a quick drawing of Branimir (Goohwa) that I put up on my wall so I can work on his style. (I ordered Goohwa in Avatar Blue resin). 
I have ordered a custom wig from SophyMolly for him because I like her wigs and I was not comfortable to make him a wig on my own and I know exactly what I want. I have ideas for his outfit. It is supposed to be inspired by traditional Asian clothes but have a more modern feel to it.

lørdag den 5. november 2016

Finally an updated (including an updated doll-list)

Wow, long time since my last update! I'll try to be better...
Unfortunately, I have not been keeping up with your blogs either, so I'll just take a look now.

China is being good to me. I've had a lot of fun, done a lot of travel, been busy with homework, and everything else that comes with moving around the world.

I hardly know where to start this blog about my dolls, so I'll do an updated list of my dolls and incoming dolls. The list is alphabetic based on the maker of the head.

Next update, should that be about characters or about the universes (only Freaks Character/Universe as the Pirates have not been evolved lately)?

Cat's Doll Tove / Angelheim Elderheim  body WS:
Name: No name yet, as he didn't really fit the character I had in mind, and I'm now trying to see if he can be someone else. I'm considering turning him "evil" but then he needs to be blue and I would like to have a blue body for him and just blush the head to match.
I'm not a fan of the body he has as it seems too small for the head. So we'll see about him later on.

Eldoll Ruru / Volks SD16 EBONY
Name: Sparrow
Her character is semi-developed.

Elfdoll Vivien / Soom SG BRONZE
Name: Phryne
She is pretty much completed and I'm not working on her atm.

Fifth Motif Goohwa AVATAR BLUE
Name: Branimir
I'm waiting for him. I ordered him when Fifth Motif opened up for the latest preorder.
I have ordered a custom wig for him, and I have an idea about clothes. He should ship this month or the next. His character is semi-developed (I keep saying his name in my head as "Branimir, son of Borka, son of Bodin.")

Name: Jude (Voodoo)
He needs body blushing, perhaps better eyes, maybe more clothes, and a pair of shoes.

Iplehouse Rex head / Dollshe 28M body REAL SKIN/COPPER ORIENTAL
Name: Nathaniel
I'm waiting for the body, which is on shipping now to Avi (in Denmark where most of my dolls are). If the body matches then he is pretty complete and I will not work more on him atm.

Iplehouse Skull Crown head WS
Name: Marius (Fate/Dead Version)
So far he shares a body. I need an outfit for him when he is a Fate, but I can't seem to find the right outfit.

Iplehouse Soo head WS
Name: Alva
I'm considering a Dollstown 17y body for her. Her character is developed, but I'm not sure about what kind of outfit to get her. She also needs a wig, new faceup, and shoes.

Nabarro Booth head WS
Name: Sky Woman (more a title than a name)
I'm considering a Dollstown 17y body for her. Her character is semi-developed (need to figure out a proper name). I need to decide on her outfit, new faceup, wig, and everything.

Nabarro Sumner head WS
Name: Sky Man (more a title than a name)
I'm considering a Dollstown 18y body for him. His character is semi-developed (need to figure out a proper name). I've ordered his outfit because I found what I wanted for sale. He needs a faceup and wig.

Peakswoods Dlight GREY
Name: Elsa Maria
Her character is semi-developed so I need to work more on that, but I'm not currently working on her.

Popodoll Ramiel TAN
Name: Collector
He should have more clothes but for now he is good and I'm not currently looking for new things for him.

Ringdoll Zombie Sol GREY
Name: Zombie
He is pretty complete and I'm not working on him. I do need to find him a pair of shoes/boots at some point.

Soom Bix / Ringdoll RGM-4 NS
Name: Henry
He is pretty complete and I'm not working on him. He does need a new faceup at some point.

Twigling Ylisande / Iplehouse nYID LIGHT TAN
Name: Morgan
She is pretty complete and I'm not working on her atm. I would like to get her another body at some point.

Volks SD16 Ruby EBONY
Name: Marina
Her character is developed, but I still need to find the perfect outfit for her that matches Marius.

Volks Ruby / Ringdoll RGM-4 EBONY/TAN
Name: Marius (human version)
His character is developed, but I still need to find his outfit and it has to match Marina's.

Volks YoTenshi Yuh NS
Name: Elliot
Her character is semi-developed and I'm not currently working on her.

Apart from Cat's Doll Tove I have a character for the dolls, and next step is to buy bodies and outfits. Some characters need to be fully developed, but I know what drives the characters and how they fit into the Universe.

mandag den 15. august 2016

Short update

In a week I'll be going to Beijing. I'm pretty excited to go, and I'm happy to try it.

I've packed all my dolls and left them at my friend's place. She will take care of them for me while I'm away.

I've decided to find another body for Nathaniel (Iplehouse EID Rex real skin) because I find the Iplehouse bodies really frustrating to work with. I haven't decided on a body yet, so if you know any which might match, please let me know.
I'm considering the Dollshe 28M body in copper oriental, but the shoulders are just a bit slim (1 cm slimmer than EID model and 2cm slimmer than EID superhero).

fredag den 29. juli 2016

New Profile

I've changed the settings of this blog so that it's linked to my profile BJDZEN. It should have changed nothing for those of you reading this blog :D
BJDZEN is a profile I made simply to run this blog for privacy reasons (I need to know my family cannot link my email to this blog).

fredag den 1. juli 2016

Wishlist and/or shopping list

I saw Resin Romance do this wishlist meme, and it got me thinking about my own wishlist. There are the dolls I want, but probably will never get unless I get a good offer or win the lottery, and then there are the dolls that I hope to bring home within a couple of years.

I don't know how many dolls I can bring home when I live in Beijing because I plan to use my money on travels, but here's hoping for a few bodies at least.

My current wishlist (shopping list for the next couple of years):
Dollstown 13y girl body in Fresh (for my Nabarro Booth head)
Dollstown 17y girl body in Fresh (for my Iplehouse Soo head)
Dollstown 18y boy body in Fresh (for my Nabarro Sumner - I just won an auction on DoA for Sumner, so I can finally bring him home at a price that is not too bad. Yay!)
Whispering Grass Thomas head on Dollstown 18y body perhaps in Green, Blue, or Grey resin

And the dolls that I would love to own also, but don't what to pay for...:
All of the Nabarro heads, but since the heads usually go for over $1000 for the older heads, then I probably will not get them.
Volks Scar-Face Reisner
Souldoll Cratos in Sandy Brown. The Tera Zenith size just seem a little to big for me (yet).
Dollshe Rey Lewis in copper oriental. He looks so pretty, but I don't know what to do with him.
Dollshe 26F girls. I like all of them, but I don't really see them fitting in with my doll family.
Fifth Motif Goohwa. I used to think the Goohwa head was very strange, but I really like him a lot now.
Twigling Eloy. Such a pretty and interesting nose.
Withdoll Adriana in a grey skin. I'm not all that convinced about her as Jules, but until I find a better alternative, she's my wish for Jules.
Dollshe Bermann. I really like him, but I don't like his price on the 2nd hand market.


mandag den 13. juni 2016

Just a Quick Update

I'm terribly busy with Uni, but in only two more days I will have my final exam :D Soon I'll have a bachelor's degree in biology. Yay!

I've decided to try my luck in China. The opportunity of living and studying in Beijing just sounds so great. I want to try it. So in the end of August I'll go to China to study Omics at the University of Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing.

I've not done a lot with my dolls lately. I did buy a body for my floating head (Nabarro Booth), but it was a bad match so I traded the body for a Iplehouse Soo head. I think Soo might fit the Character of Alva, who is the updated version of Medusa.
I didn't feel inspired to work on Medusa's character, so I ended up selling the head and letting the character go, and in letting go of Medusa I realized what parts of her characters I wanted to keep and from that came Alva.

fredag den 18. marts 2016

A loooong post about the Fates

I promised a while back to talk some more about my Fates, so now when I'm busy with my exams it seems like a nice way to think about something else :)
The Fates live in the same univers as the Freaks, and this is just quickly written to explain how they fit into that Univers.

There are 3 Fates as of yet; Creator, Bringer, and Collector. These are the names they are known by in our world. These names are their titles.

Elliot is the First Fate. She makes the lives/fates of humans. She looks like a little girl, because she rarely goes to our world. She is also the most cynical of the Fates because she does not understand humans nor emotions. Also called the Creator, because she creates life.

Jules is the Second Fate. She brings happiness to peoples lives. She spends a lot of time in our world, because she is met by smiles. She shows human emotions and loves to make people happy. Also known as the Bringer, as she brings happiness. She looks like a young woman.

Milov is the Third Fate. He doesn't have a name, but Jules calls him Cole because she refuses to call him Collector. He collects the people destined to die. He usually lets people live for a few days extra so they can say goodbye to their family. He has even let people live, because they asked him nicely. He has spend a lot of time in our world following people around and waiting for them to be ready to die. He feels so many human emotions, but sadness is the biggest. He is frustrated by his job. He is met by sadness everywhere he goes.

The Fates live in the Place (gonna get a new name eventually). The Place is outside of our world. From the Place the Fates can keep track of the humans (it's like Fate Headquarters). The Fates do not only see humans but they also sense them - that is: a Fate can sense a humans' fate.

The Fates are connected, and always knows there the other Fates are, and can go to them if they wish.

The Fates make humans' fates. Here "fate" simply is "life": you get born, you live in happiness, and you die.
If you imagine fate as a string, then Elliot makes the string for each human. She decided on the length of the string. Jules makes sure the humans have a happy life. Cole is simply sent by Elliot, when humans' fates' are running out.

Once a Fate goes to our world, the Fate can only see the humans in their presence. From the Place they can see everyone, but from our world they can see very few people. So if they stay away from the Place for too long, they will only know very little about who needs their help.

When a Fate is in the Place they do not age and have no emotions - they become more cynical. When a Fate goes to our world, they slowly start to show human emotions and they age (they turn human).

In our world live humans, wizards, witches, demons, and magical creatures, but it's only the humans the Fates care about.

The main characters from our world are the Freaks: Scorpio, Zombie, Voodoo, Henry, Marius, Marina, and the not fully developed characters of Snake-Lady/Medusa/Something and Elsa Maria (Zombie's sister). I might include more characters to this list, but so far this is it.


(I'm not gonna be talking about how the Freaks all met each other here as this is more about the Fates but by this time the Freaks are united.)

At first the Creator was not alarmed, the Bringer had stayed in the human world for longer periodes before. It wasn't until the Creator lost all sense of the Bringer that she became afraid. From one moment to the next all sense of the Bringer disappeared. Nothing like that had ever happened before. Nothing should be able to come between the Fates or block them from each other, so what had happened? Mentally she sent a message, but only the Collector replied; he had felt it too.

Investigate, was all the Creator said.

Where? he asked.

Human world? You know it better than I.

The Collector hardly knew where to start. He didn't understand what possibly could have happened to Jules, but he might know someone who could help. A human who knew not only the old legendes, but who also knew where to search for the knowledge he did not yet posses, a human the Collector had been to collect no less than seven times already, but whom he had always decided to let live. He had never understood why, but now he wondered if it was some kind of premonition.

He went to where the human lived, but was surprised to see the house empty. This human was a bit strange and had never before left his house. Little human, why did you leave your nest? The Collector went to the Place, and from there finally located the human, and was surprised to see the human was with other humans wandering the Northern countries.

I have a plan, the Collector told the Creator. If you discover anything send word. I will be in the human world for now.

The Collector found himself in a forest. He could hear voices and drew near. Before stepping out into the clearing he put up the hood on his cloak and hide his face. There was no reason to scare the humans already, and they all found his half-skull face scary for some reason.

He stepped into the clearing, but the humans didn't notice him at all, so instead he spoke up in human language, "Where is Henry?"

From one moment to the next the camp became completely quiet, and four pairs of eyes turned to him. "I'll get him," one of the woman said and turned away.

"Who are you?" one of the men asked.

"I seek Henry," he replied.

"Yes, yes, you've said," the man replied with a laugh. "Come sit down while Medusa finds Henry." The Collector stared at the human who had laughed, not cried, but actually laughed, and he just followed him and sat down on a lodge. He had hardly sat down before Henry came.

"How may I help you?" Henry asked looking at the cloaked figure. "Do I know you?" he asked almost as an afterthought.

The Collector stood and turned towards Henry. "Yes," was all he replied.

"You!" he uttered in bewilderment. "Why...? I'm not lost now."

"I am not here to collect you..."

"I will not let you take any of my friends," Henry interrupted sternly.

"I am not here to collect any of you."

"I know you," one of the other women said, and the Collector turned his eyes on her. She didn't look scared more surprised and puzzled like she could not place him.

"Yes, Miss Ffoulkes," he replied. "I came to collect you in the dunes." She stared at him, and he could see the moment she remembered. It was coming back to her; during her escape through the desert, she had been so close to death, she had dreamed of a man coming to her and a conversation about dying. She remembered asking to live, and him promising to send help, and shortly thereafter she had been saved by a witch. She turned her eyes on Voodoo, and for the first time she felt gratitude for being alive even if she was now deformed by the scorpion tail. Voodoo, who did not understand what was happening, simply took her in his arms and held her close.

"Why are you here then?" Henry asked.

"I need your help," he replied. "Jules is missing."

"She can't be."

"But she is."


"That is the question."

"Why are you looking for me then? Shouldn't you be looking for her?"

"You know the old legendes and the sagas. Do you know of anything that could possibly hide her from us?"

"You can neither see nor sense her? Could she have blocked the connection?"

"No, we are always connected. We cannot sever or block it."

"Could she have died?"

"No, that we would have felt. She still exists."

"Then I really have no idea. I need to confer my books," Henry said slowly. "How long would the world survive without the Bringer?"

"I don't know, but I believe happiness is important to humans."

"Bringer?" Zombie asked. "As in Bringer of Happiness? One of the Fates?"

"Yes?" replied the Collector. "Her title really is the Bringer of Happiness, Peace, and Prosperity, but she prefers to be called Jules. She never did like our titles."

"Our titles?" Medusa asked looking briefly between the Collector and Scorpio. "Then are you the Collector?"

"Yes," he replied. "The Collector of the Dying and the Dead." There was no longer any doubt about who this stranger was.

"And you're friends with Henry?" Medusa asked dispassionately as if just stating a fact.

That's it for now. It's just to try and explain when and where the Fates come in. Not sure how well, you remember Scorpio's story (I can't remember what I have written about it before), but she almost died trying to escape her former home. She was saved by a witch, but the scorpion poison used fused with her DNA and gave her the scorpion tail - she sees the tail as a deformation.
Henry suffers from depression, guilt, and a difficult past. He has been close to dying a few times (which is why the Collector had visited him so many times) mostly because he went to the dark place in his mind, but was also almost killed in the attack, where his sister died and he feels guilty for surviving it.
Of the Fates the Collector is the most important one in my story. He spends a lot of time with the Freaks to try and find Jules. And when they discover where she is, all the Freaks stand by him to free her.

tirsdag den 15. marts 2016

Exams and Popodoll Ramiel

I'm still a busy little bee. I'm a scared but also very excited. Please, wish me luck with my exams :D
  • An exam on Monday in Experimental Molecular Biology.
  • And exam on the 30th in Applied Proteomics.
  • Meeting with the leader of one of the sections at Uni on Thursday to discuss the possibility of doing my master there. If this goes well, I might be able to combine 3 subjects at Uni and make my master that much better, but I would have to stay in Aarhus. Decisions, decisions...
I've sold my Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca to a girl in USA, who had been wanting one for years. It makes me happy to know she went to such a happy home.
The most important news lately is that I have my Popodoll Ramiel. I bough him in tan and on the 70cm body. His face is so interesting. I love how well his face is sculpted, and he was so much fun to paint.
Ramiel is my Third Fate. He does not have a proper name, which is part of his story.
Elliot (the First Fate) sends him to our world to help the dying find their way to heaven or hell. He is often met by crying and cursing, which makes him sad. He doesn't like his job.
He's started to not do his job properly; he will let people live, if they ask him nicely, which makes Elliot frustrated.
Words to describe him: sad, tall, dark, glum, scary,

mandag den 15. februar 2016

Busy busy busy

I'm just checking in to say that I'm pretty busy at the moment with school, so I will only be on my blog sporadic for the next while. I'm behind on my homework as it is and we have exams again in March >_<

As to my dolls, the only update I have is:
My Popodoll Ramiel should arrive one of the next couple of days!! I'm pretty excited for that.

tirsdag den 2. februar 2016

Received some of my new dolls

Iplehouse Skull Crow Head
This summer my friend bought Iplehouse Crow and I was able to get the Skull head. I completely forgot about it until my friend was like "yo, remember Skull-boy?". I met with my friend last weekend and I got the head. It has the default faceup, but I added a lot more black blushing to the faceup. I don't know if Iplehouse still offers the head in the Doll Choice, but I haven't seen that many photos of the Skull Crow head yet. I hope many more shows up because the head is pretty cool :D

Volks Ruby / Ringdoll RGM-4 hybrid
I got the body for Marius (RGM-4 from Ringdoll). The ringdoll body seems to have a translucency (like French resin), and the Volks head is not translucent at all. This is the reason why the match is not perfect.
I gave Marius a faceup and a body blushing. The faceup didn't turn out so well, unfortunately, so I'll have to fix that later. But Marina needs a new faceup also, so I'll probably do faceups on the twins together one day.

Things I'll need to do:
  • Decide on eyes for The Commodore and the Twins. The eyes Marius is wearing is the eyes I just gave to The Commodore. If the twins needs eyes like these then I'll have to find more ED 16mm eyes with narrow iris. But I'm thinking the Twins can take normal 16mm eyes actually.
  • I need to decide how to fit the Twins into the Freaks story. I know a lot about the Twins and their guardian, but I still need to figure out a lot, and figure out how to fit the Twins into the Freaks universe.
  • Decide on the Twins outfits. I know I can buy outfits from Sadol to fit them, but I'm actually thinking of designing their outfits myself.

mandag den 18. januar 2016

Support the artists

I just saw this on Iplehouse's homepage and it makes me feel bad for them. I wish I had the money (and could justify it) to buy more Iplehouse dolls.
I love how much creativity Iplehouse put into every doll and how much energy they use to make the stories for their limited dolls.

søndag den 17. januar 2016

My Elfdolls; The Commodore and Scorpio

Just a quick picture of the Commodore and Scorpio.
I gave Scorpio a new wig, and gave her old wig to the Commodore.

The Commodore (Elfdoll Ruru hybrid):

And Scorpio (Elfdoll Vivien hybrid):