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A loooong post about the Fates

I promised a while back to talk some more about my Fates, so now when I'm busy with my exams it seems like a nice way to think about something else :)
The Fates live in the same univers as the Freaks, and this is just quickly written to explain how they fit into that Univers.

There are 3 Fates as of yet; Creator, Bringer, and Collector. These are the names they are known by in our world. These names are their titles.

Elliot is the First Fate. She makes the lives/fates of humans. She looks like a little girl, because she rarely goes to our world. She is also the most cynical of the Fates because she does not understand humans nor emotions. Also called the Creator, because she creates life.

Jules is the Second Fate. She brings happiness to peoples lives. She spends a lot of time in our world, because she is met by smiles. She shows human emotions and loves to make people happy. Also known as the Bringer, as she brings happiness. She looks like a young woman.

Milov is the Third Fate. He doesn't have a name, but Jules calls him Cole because she refuses to call him Collector. He collects the people destined to die. He usually lets people live for a few days extra so they can say goodbye to their family. He has even let people live, because they asked him nicely. He has spend a lot of time in our world following people around and waiting for them to be ready to die. He feels so many human emotions, but sadness is the biggest. He is frustrated by his job. He is met by sadness everywhere he goes.

The Fates live in the Place (gonna get a new name eventually). The Place is outside of our world. From the Place the Fates can keep track of the humans (it's like Fate Headquarters). The Fates do not only see humans but they also sense them - that is: a Fate can sense a humans' fate.

The Fates are connected, and always knows there the other Fates are, and can go to them if they wish.

The Fates make humans' fates. Here "fate" simply is "life": you get born, you live in happiness, and you die.
If you imagine fate as a string, then Elliot makes the string for each human. She decided on the length of the string. Jules makes sure the humans have a happy life. Cole is simply sent by Elliot, when humans' fates' are running out.

Once a Fate goes to our world, the Fate can only see the humans in their presence. From the Place they can see everyone, but from our world they can see very few people. So if they stay away from the Place for too long, they will only know very little about who needs their help.

When a Fate is in the Place they do not age and have no emotions - they become more cynical. When a Fate goes to our world, they slowly start to show human emotions and they age (they turn human).

In our world live humans, wizards, witches, demons, and magical creatures, but it's only the humans the Fates care about.

The main characters from our world are the Freaks: Scorpio, Zombie, Voodoo, Henry, Marius, Marina, and the not fully developed characters of Snake-Lady/Medusa/Something and Elsa Maria (Zombie's sister). I might include more characters to this list, but so far this is it.


(I'm not gonna be talking about how the Freaks all met each other here as this is more about the Fates but by this time the Freaks are united.)

At first the Creator was not alarmed, the Bringer had stayed in the human world for longer periodes before. It wasn't until the Creator lost all sense of the Bringer that she became afraid. From one moment to the next all sense of the Bringer disappeared. Nothing like that had ever happened before. Nothing should be able to come between the Fates or block them from each other, so what had happened? Mentally she sent a message, but only the Collector replied; he had felt it too.

Investigate, was all the Creator said.

Where? he asked.

Human world? You know it better than I.

The Collector hardly knew where to start. He didn't understand what possibly could have happened to Jules, but he might know someone who could help. A human who knew not only the old legendes, but who also knew where to search for the knowledge he did not yet posses, a human the Collector had been to collect no less than seven times already, but whom he had always decided to let live. He had never understood why, but now he wondered if it was some kind of premonition.

He went to where the human lived, but was surprised to see the house empty. This human was a bit strange and had never before left his house. Little human, why did you leave your nest? The Collector went to the Place, and from there finally located the human, and was surprised to see the human was with other humans wandering the Northern countries.

I have a plan, the Collector told the Creator. If you discover anything send word. I will be in the human world for now.

The Collector found himself in a forest. He could hear voices and drew near. Before stepping out into the clearing he put up the hood on his cloak and hide his face. There was no reason to scare the humans already, and they all found his half-skull face scary for some reason.

He stepped into the clearing, but the humans didn't notice him at all, so instead he spoke up in human language, "Where is Henry?"

From one moment to the next the camp became completely quiet, and four pairs of eyes turned to him. "I'll get him," one of the woman said and turned away.

"Who are you?" one of the men asked.

"I seek Henry," he replied.

"Yes, yes, you've said," the man replied with a laugh. "Come sit down while Medusa finds Henry." The Collector stared at the human who had laughed, not cried, but actually laughed, and he just followed him and sat down on a lodge. He had hardly sat down before Henry came.

"How may I help you?" Henry asked looking at the cloaked figure. "Do I know you?" he asked almost as an afterthought.

The Collector stood and turned towards Henry. "Yes," was all he replied.

"You!" he uttered in bewilderment. "Why...? I'm not lost now."

"I am not here to collect you..."

"I will not let you take any of my friends," Henry interrupted sternly.

"I am not here to collect any of you."

"I know you," one of the other women said, and the Collector turned his eyes on her. She didn't look scared more surprised and puzzled like she could not place him.

"Yes, Miss Ffoulkes," he replied. "I came to collect you in the dunes." She stared at him, and he could see the moment she remembered. It was coming back to her; during her escape through the desert, she had been so close to death, she had dreamed of a man coming to her and a conversation about dying. She remembered asking to live, and him promising to send help, and shortly thereafter she had been saved by a witch. She turned her eyes on Voodoo, and for the first time she felt gratitude for being alive even if she was now deformed by the scorpion tail. Voodoo, who did not understand what was happening, simply took her in his arms and held her close.

"Why are you here then?" Henry asked.

"I need your help," he replied. "Jules is missing."

"She can't be."

"But she is."


"That is the question."

"Why are you looking for me then? Shouldn't you be looking for her?"

"You know the old legendes and the sagas. Do you know of anything that could possibly hide her from us?"

"You can neither see nor sense her? Could she have blocked the connection?"

"No, we are always connected. We cannot sever or block it."

"Could she have died?"

"No, that we would have felt. She still exists."

"Then I really have no idea. I need to confer my books," Henry said slowly. "How long would the world survive without the Bringer?"

"I don't know, but I believe happiness is important to humans."

"Bringer?" Zombie asked. "As in Bringer of Happiness? One of the Fates?"

"Yes?" replied the Collector. "Her title really is the Bringer of Happiness, Peace, and Prosperity, but she prefers to be called Jules. She never did like our titles."

"Our titles?" Medusa asked looking briefly between the Collector and Scorpio. "Then are you the Collector?"

"Yes," he replied. "The Collector of the Dying and the Dead." There was no longer any doubt about who this stranger was.

"And you're friends with Henry?" Medusa asked dispassionately as if just stating a fact.

That's it for now. It's just to try and explain when and where the Fates come in. Not sure how well, you remember Scorpio's story (I can't remember what I have written about it before), but she almost died trying to escape her former home. She was saved by a witch, but the scorpion poison used fused with her DNA and gave her the scorpion tail - she sees the tail as a deformation.
Henry suffers from depression, guilt, and a difficult past. He has been close to dying a few times (which is why the Collector had visited him so many times) mostly because he went to the dark place in his mind, but was also almost killed in the attack, where his sister died and he feels guilty for surviving it.
Of the Fates the Collector is the most important one in my story. He spends a lot of time with the Freaks to try and find Jules. And when they discover where she is, all the Freaks stand by him to free her.

tirsdag den 15. marts 2016

Exams and Popodoll Ramiel

I'm still a busy little bee. I'm a scared but also very excited. Please, wish me luck with my exams :D
  • An exam on Monday in Experimental Molecular Biology.
  • And exam on the 30th in Applied Proteomics.
  • Meeting with the leader of one of the sections at Uni on Thursday to discuss the possibility of doing my master there. If this goes well, I might be able to combine 3 subjects at Uni and make my master that much better, but I would have to stay in Aarhus. Decisions, decisions...
I've sold my Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca to a girl in USA, who had been wanting one for years. It makes me happy to know she went to such a happy home.
The most important news lately is that I have my Popodoll Ramiel. I bough him in tan and on the 70cm body. His face is so interesting. I love how well his face is sculpted, and he was so much fun to paint.
Ramiel is my Third Fate. He does not have a proper name, which is part of his story.
Elliot (the First Fate) sends him to our world to help the dying find their way to heaven or hell. He is often met by crying and cursing, which makes him sad. He doesn't like his job.
He's started to not do his job properly; he will let people live, if they ask him nicely, which makes Elliot frustrated.
Words to describe him: sad, tall, dark, glum, scary,