tirsdag den 15. marts 2016

Exams and Popodoll Ramiel

I'm still a busy little bee. I'm a scared but also very excited. Please, wish me luck with my exams :D
  • An exam on Monday in Experimental Molecular Biology.
  • And exam on the 30th in Applied Proteomics.
  • Meeting with the leader of one of the sections at Uni on Thursday to discuss the possibility of doing my master there. If this goes well, I might be able to combine 3 subjects at Uni and make my master that much better, but I would have to stay in Aarhus. Decisions, decisions...
I've sold my Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca to a girl in USA, who had been wanting one for years. It makes me happy to know she went to such a happy home.
The most important news lately is that I have my Popodoll Ramiel. I bough him in tan and on the 70cm body. His face is so interesting. I love how well his face is sculpted, and he was so much fun to paint.
Ramiel is my Third Fate. He does not have a proper name, which is part of his story.
Elliot (the First Fate) sends him to our world to help the dying find their way to heaven or hell. He is often met by crying and cursing, which makes him sad. He doesn't like his job.
He's started to not do his job properly; he will let people live, if they ask him nicely, which makes Elliot frustrated.
Words to describe him: sad, tall, dark, glum, scary,

8 kommentarer:

  1. I love sweet Ramiel!! *__*
    He is such a nice sculpt and his character is awesome! :D
    I want to read more about your story XD
    I'm wishing you the best of luck with your exams hun! <3
    I hope you have a good discussion with that teacher guy tomorrow :D

    1. And I'm sure Ramiel loves you back :P You are the one, whom I've discussed his character with the most, so I'm happy you like it.
      Hopefully one day I'll be able to write it down and combine all the stories in my head.

      Thanks dear. I feel like I'm going to pass these exams but I really wish to do them well. I'm studying hard now, so that I can relax a few days in the beginning of April.
      I hope so too. It's really very exciting, and I can't wait to hear more about what they do there and what I can do for my master, if I take it there.

    2. Yay!! \(^^)/
      Anybody who reads about your characters will love them. Don't worry <3
      Yeah, I'd want to read that XD

      You are amazing, so you'll be able to do well I'm sure. I know how much you read for your exams, so if there is some justice in this world you'll do well :)
      Yeah! I'm really excited for you! Will be cool to hear what they have to offer :D

    3. Aw, thanks dear <3

      I really love how you are always able to make feel more confident before my exams.

  2. Ramiel is gorgeous, I like his scary appearance with a sweet personality underneath!

    Good good luck with your exams! Drink coffee before, I heard it helps you focus! :D

    1. Thanks dear :D

      Yeah, I've heard that before, but I'm not a fan of coffee. I'd need a lot of milk to hide the taste of coffee...

  3. He's such an interesting doll! :D I can't wait to see him irl someday!

    Good luck with the exams. :3 I hope it'll go well!

    1. Thanks dear :D I can bring him to your meetup in April.

      Thanks so much :D