mandag den 13. juni 2016

Just a Quick Update

I'm terribly busy with Uni, but in only two more days I will have my final exam :D Soon I'll have a bachelor's degree in biology. Yay!

I've decided to try my luck in China. The opportunity of living and studying in Beijing just sounds so great. I want to try it. So in the end of August I'll go to China to study Omics at the University of Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing.

I've not done a lot with my dolls lately. I did buy a body for my floating head (Nabarro Booth), but it was a bad match so I traded the body for a Iplehouse Soo head. I think Soo might fit the Character of Alva, who is the updated version of Medusa.
I didn't feel inspired to work on Medusa's character, so I ended up selling the head and letting the character go, and in letting go of Medusa I realized what parts of her characters I wanted to keep and from that came Alva.