lørdag den 31. december 2016

Changes in the doll family in 2016 and my plans for 2017

I feel like every year (since I joined the hobby) has been a crazy year doll-wise, but I think I've finally started to find my style in dolls and found the way I want to go with my dolls.
I can see that I don't sell so many dolls any more, which is good as it allows me to work more on the dolls before I sell them to try something new, but it is also bad as I'll run out of room to store them...

Here is my end-of-the-year summary.

I started 2016 with these dolls (dolls in bold are still with me):
Elfdoll tan Ruru Volks SD16 hybrid
Elfdoll Vivien Soom hybrid
Fifth Motif Venitu
Iplehouse EID Rex (body was sold)
Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca
Iplehouse Skull Crow head
Peakswoods Dlight
Popodoll Ramiel
Ringdoll Zombie Sol
Ringdoll Norman Dark Side 2.0 head
Simply Divine Medusa Valentina head
Soom Bix Ringdoll hybrid
Twigling Ylisande nYID hybrid
Volks YoTenshi Yuh
Volks SD16 Ruby
Volks SD16 Ruby Ringdoll hybrid

New dolls in 2016:
Cat's Doll Tove head
Dollshe 28M body for Iplehouse Rex
Fifth Motif Goohwa
Iplehouse Soo head
Les Enfants Terribles Don head
Nabarro Booth head
Nabarro Sumner head
Nabarro Yakumo Angelheim hybrid

Waiting for:
Dollshe Classic Johnny Depp
Fairyland Lacrima sleeping head (gift)
Luts Bory
Luts Abadon (gift)
Nabarro Cyril head
Nabarro Har on Dollstown 18y body
Twigling Kahlo
Soom Dia

What happened in 2016?
I bought a lot of heads this year and a few dolls...

I'm not sure about the Cat's Doll Tove head. He didn't fit either of the two characters I had considered, so now I don't know what to do with him. Maybe I end up selling him or using him or my evil-guy.

My Iplehouse Rex got his new body. I hope my sister soon has time to try on his pirate outfit. I'm really interested to see how it looks on that body.

Fifth Motif Goohwa arrived on Christmas! That was a nice surprise and so quick on the customs. It took less that 5 days from he was caught in customs until my sister could pick him up (and that included me sending them documents and the customs processing them). His outfit has arrived and his wig should arrive soon. It's made by SophyMolly on Etsy, and it looks very nice. Not precisely as I imagined it, but close enough.

I received an Iplehouse Soo head this year in a trade. It's very nice, and I think she can fit very well as Alva. At first I wanted another Iplehouse head, but I'm happy with Soo.

I also got the LET Don head. He's just great, and already I have ordered his outfit and sword. He still needs a body, wig, eyes, boots. But that can come later.

I also bought a lot of Nabarro heads. I started with wanting Sumner, but buying Booth, and then it spread to all the others. I don't remember when I got them but i notice they were not on my doll list starting 2016.

Now I'm waiting for quite a few dolls also.

When Captain Jack came up for sale on Dollshe's site I bought him. There are no pictures of him yet and I expect to wait for him more than a year, but Captain Jack Sparrow is just so cool.

I won the Fairyland Lacrima head in Calfuray's giveaway on Instagram. There is something special about Fairyland, so I'm very excited about this head. I hope to have her eyes opened, and then we'll see what happens to her. Not sure how tall I'll be able to make her. Would love her to be 63cm, but I'm not sure I can make her taller than 60cm.

I bought a MSD doll (though I'm still waiting for it), Luts Bory. I bought so much from Luts in that order that I qualified for a free doll, so I chose a Abadon on the 70cm body in brown skin. That will be interesting, but also completely broke my doll budget. But just after spending all my money on Luts, I was offered to buy two Nabarro heads, so I spend even more money....

Nabarro Cyril and Nabarro Har head. Another TWO Nabarro head (five down, one to go). I was really lucky with these. I posted a picture of my bjd wish list, and someone saw it, pointed me in the right direction, and *vupti* more Nabarro heads will come in. Har will come on a Dollstown body, but the character should be more lean, so I hope I can find another body for him later on. Maybe the DSAM body from Dollshe (am considered that for both Cyril and Har), as it's been recommended to me and it looks really good. And then perhaps the Dollstown body can go to Nabarro Sumner since I've been wanting a body like that for him or I can sell it.

Twigling Kahlo is at my friends place, but because she's not with me I feel like I'm still waiting for her. I don't know what to do with her, but time will show.

And finally Soom Dia. He is the last doll I bought this year (or I'm buying on layaway). At this time I really shouldn't spend more money, but I was able to do a long layaway, so that will be okay. Dia is one of the dolls I really love. I had him in NS, but that color didn't work for him or me. So I am extremely happy to be able to buy him on layaway in tan from Fantasywoods. I have no more money now, but he will be mine and I am excited :D

I'm also waiting for tons of items - outfits, wigs, eyes, weapons, etc. Most of these are in the extremely large Luts order, but also from other places...

Plans for 2017:

First and foremost! Don't buy new dolls. I know I will not be able to keep this, but my promise will be to not buy more dolls or doll-items until Soom Dia is paid off, and that should be easy enough to keep.
If I can keep my buying to a Nabarro Wally head, a Dollshe Bermann, a Ringdoll boy, a doll from Peakswoods, a head from EdelweissSculpt, or some very cool head from a smaller artist then that would be good.

I need to get more bodies for all the new heads. I need to figure out if I want the heads blushed a bit darker and then buy a body in a different color or if I want the head and body to match in color. I think Sumner should be a bit darker (like real skin) but then should Booth also?
I don't think Iplehouse Skull Crow will get his own body, because he shares with Volks Ruby as they are two sides of the same character, but maybe if I win the lottery or there is a sale of a Ringdoll RGM-4 body in tan.

I really hope to finish some of the dolls next year.

lørdag den 3. december 2016

Fifth Motif Goohwa and Les Enfants Terribles Don

I just read on Fifth Motif's facebook page that my doll will ship next week (an avatar blue Goohwa for me).... I'm so excited even if I don't get to play with him (as he is shipping straight to my Sister's place in Denmark). Today his outfit arrived, so when he shows up, my sister will dress him and show me pictures. I'm so excited. His wig is still being made, but I don't expect it to ship until the end of December.

And because I keep falling in love with dolls, I bought a Les Enfants Terribles Don head. To me that head is amazing. I love that he does not look young, and he is just the perfect head for Rover (a character I hope to introduce later, but he is inspired by Aragon in Lord of the Rings).

fredag den 2. december 2016

Elliot; Creator of Life and Death (Volks YoTenshi Yuh)

Elliot is also known as the Creator. She is the first Fate, and was created long before the other Fates. At the time of her creation she was supposed to be the only Fate.

Many thusands of years ago the five Dudali (the humany subspecies) fought each other in the First Great War. Creator was the only Fate then, and she was nearly destroyed trying to do all the work and keep the Dudali from murdering each other.
After the First Great War, Sky Man and Sky Woman decided to make the other two Fates.
Because Creator was the first Fate she has powers that the others do not. She can do their work. She can keep Earth Kingdom running by herself whereas the other two cannot. They have specific work and can only do that.

Creator also has the ability to call forth the Guardian. I have a few ideas about the Guardian, but I have not decided completely, so it might change a bit later on....: Creator can turn into the Guardian. I know the Guardian was made to be used if for some reason the Earth is under attack that will result in death of everyone. Creator has direct control, and can use the Guardian whenever she wants. She doesn't do it often and last time in the First Great War.

Creator looks like a little girl, but do not mistake her for a little girl. She is many thousands of years old. She looks young because she rarely goes to Earth (the divine beings and the fates are all immortal, but they slowly turn mortal and age when they are on Earth).
As the Guardian she grows bigger and has a big sword and shield. The sword to fight the evil and the shield to protect the people.

She's seen destruction and war, but also peace and prosperity. Her main work is to create the fates (fates as in lives) of the Dudalis. She is also the most cynical of the Fates because she does not understand emotions.

Her title is the Creator of Life and Death, because not only does she create the lives, but she's also the one who decides the length of each life.

This is Creator; Volks YoTenshi Yuh. The doll look only very little like the idea I have in my mind, but I love this doll so much that the image in my head has changed to fit this girl.

Yuh is my only non-SD doll. Her size is all wrong and she does not look that much like Creator, but she's still kinda perfect for the role.