lørdag den 8. juli 2017

A little update

I have been quite busy with school. It's been a hectic semester, but we just finished and I am happy. I think, quite a lot has happened in my bjd-family since my last update. Here are some of the things that happened and some pictures.

I received my Soom Dia from Fantasywoods, but he is still packed away. He and my Elfdoll Ruru hybrid are supposed to be siblings, but I haven't worked on them yet. I have ideas, but I need to have them in my own hands and not using the pictures Avi sends me.
However, I discovered that Soom brown tan is a pretty good match for Les Enfants Terribles tan resin, so my LET Don head stole the body from Dia. Then my new mission was to find a Soom Super Gem boy body in brown tan from 2013, so both Dia and Don could have a body. That was actually pretty easy and the body is in customs at the moment, so hopefully within a few weeks Dia can have his body back and Don can have the new body.

I didn't mean to enter any Volks lotteries, but when they rereleased Williams again, I just couldn't resist. I didn't actually think I would win, but I had to try. So far I believe I have won all the lotteries I have entered from Volks, so that is a pretty good statistics.
He is packed away until I have time to work on him.

Goohwa has been painted. He was painted by the talented Koala Krash (link to her Flickr). I love how she painted him and I am so excited to see him in real life.
Credit of this photo goes to Koala Krash, but I have been allowed to share him.

Yakumo is coming along nicely. He needs a new faceup soon, because the clown face was not meant to be his permanent faceup. I do hope to find him a better body in the future. Right now I am considering the Universe Doll body. I should also make him a new wig in the future. This one didn't work out as planned and look very weird from specific angels. It does however have the puffy thing going for it.

Legend Doll has informed me that my package (bought on December 6th) has been shipped. It is just clothes and stuff, mostly for the Ruby twins, but it took such a long time.
The twins are supposed to be steam punk. I always loved this style, and I think the twins can do.

Updated doll list:
Argonauticadolls Kristen (KS)
Elfdoll tan Ruru / Volks SD16 hybrid
Elfdoll Vivien / Soom Super Gem hybrid
Fairyland Lacrima sleeping head
Fifth Motif Goohwa
Fifth Motif Venitu
Iplehouse Rex / Dollshe 28M hybrid
Iplehouse Skull Crow head
Iplehouse Soo / Dollstown 17y hybrid
Les Enfants Terribles Don / Soom Super Gem hybrid
Luts Bory
Nabarro Booth head
Nabarro Cyril head
Nabarro Har / Dollstown 18y
Nabarro Sumner head
Nabarro Wally head
Nabarro Yakumo / Angelheim Elderheim hybrid
Peakswoods Dlight
Popodoll Ramiel
Ringdoll Zombie Sol
Soom Bix / Ringdoll RGM-4 hybrid
Soom Dia
Twigling Ylisande / Iplehouse nYID hybrid
Volks SD16 Ruby
Volks SD16 Ruby / Ringdoll RGM-4 hybrid
Volks SD17 Williams
Volks YoTenshi Yuh

lørdag den 4. februar 2017

Hey Jude, don’t let me down (Voodoo's story)

As some of you might remember Voodoo’s real name is Jude Effrayant, but though I knew his name the rest of his story was something he didn’t feel like sharing. I have only recently realised who Voodoo is, so even though I know a lot about him now his story is still a big WIP. Certain elements of his story changes how the fellowship (how the Freaks come together) is formed because Voodoo is on a mission, and therefore he can’t meet the others in the fellowship too soon.

Jude was born as a wizard, but he was not very strong or very brave. Actually he was a scrawny guy with only a modicum of magical power. He would use his magic to help others for smaller problems. This way he could get by and find work. He was never popular, but he could get by. He met and married a local girl, and they settled in a little house in a little village. They didn’t have much but they got by and they were happy. Then tragedy struck and his wife and daughter died in childbirth. His magic was not powerful enough to save them.  He was completely crushed and withdrew into himself. The people in the village looked upon him as a person of bad luck, and left him alone for a while but then the mocking, bullying, and the attacks started.

Finally, he had had enough and he decided to go to the extremes to have enough power to fight his enemies and gain the respect he had always wanted but never had. He called forth Khaos and got all the powers he could possible ever want in exchange for his memories. When he woke he had no memories of his life, but he had powers and a burning wish to be the greatest wizard ever. He moved across the country, settled into a castle while he honed his powers. Over the years he learned to use his new powers and he became more powerful than his enemies, but with his memories gone he had no one to prove himself to and no one to seek revenge on, so he worked to be more powerful. Power was the only thing he wanted and needed.

People from every Dudali species came to him for help. He was rich, powerful, and feared. He was so feared that only very few dared to approach him for help, and he would help them only for a price, a price so high it was only the most desperate who would pay.

One day a girl sought his help, but he turned her away. He didn’t have the time and he knew she could not pay his price. But when he touched her wrist to throw her out, he experienced something strange. His magic responded to the girl, and he didn’t understand why. He made a deal with her so that she could stay and he could figure out what had happened. The girl’s name was Phryne.

He was sought out by a member of Unity for help, but they could not agree, so the Unit took what he wanted causing Voodoo to retaliate and attack the Unit.

At one of her trips for Voodoo, the girl met a boy in desperate need of help, and she asked Voodoo to help. He agreed but only at the price of her staying with him for ever. She agreed to this new deal. He helped the boy by stopping his sickness, but his body was stilled marred by the ugly scares of his sickness. The boy is Hamlet (Zombie).

The Unit and Voodoo went to outright war with each other, but Voodoo was the most powerful and could have won had he not needed to save the girl when she made a stupid mistake. The result was that the castle was burned down and with it all the books and magical items. He blamed the girl but though he cursed and screamed he never harmed her, and since she knew she was to blame she accepted his anger. But she had realised something; Voodoo had chosen to save her even when it cost him so much. She knew he was not the horrible beast she had thought of him. True, he was not a good man, but he was not horrible either. He was a vengeful man, and if he didn’t outright kill her for her mistake then there were more to him that she had realised. She saw there was some good in him, and she felt it her price to pay to help him. And if she happened to fall in love with him she would hide it, for she knew a man as scarred as he could never love her in return, for he only loved power and the might it brought him. He needs her love to bring out the best in him though of course he doesn’t realise it yet. I know Phryne might seem weak here, but she is much stronger in mind and body than everyone realises, and she can and will take Voodoo on if she has to for his own good or to stop him from murdering someone.

Hamlet knew he owed a lot to Phryne, so he would help her, and thus Phryne and Hamlet end up going with Voodoo, when he decided to take on Unity and bring them down, and this is what changes when Voodoo meets the other Freaks, because he has to meet them after the Third Fate has met with Henry and after Alva has joined the party for they need to be going after Unity also for Voodoo to join them. Exactly how they meet the others I’m still working on, but I know Voodoo discovered Henry knew things about Unity that he himself did not, and that is the main reason why he stays with the Freaks. The other Freaks fear Voodoo, but they realise they need him, his knowledge, and his powers to succeed.

Khaos removed Voodoo’s memories because he knew the broken man he was would use the powers for destruction and murder, but he hoped removing Voodoo’s pain would make him stronger and even greater. He wanted to see what impact a weak man with powers could have on the world.

Voodoo is not a good man. He has done horrible things, and even when he begins to be good and to make amends, he considers himself a villain.  Voodoo’s story is a story of redemption; a story of love and the power of love to redeem another. He needs Phryne’s love to be the best version of himself possible, and hopefully he realises it before the end of his story...

Hey, Jude, don't let me down
You have found her, now go and get her
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

These two pictures shows two different sides of him; Jude and Voodoo. Both versions have weaknesses and strengths, and both versions needs more work, but I think he is clear to see they are both the same and very different.

This is Jude
 This is Voodoo

lørdag den 7. januar 2017

The Gods of Freaksland part 3 (Khaos and Balance)

This is the 3rd part about the gods in my universe, and this time the focus is on Khaos and Balance.
Sky Man and Sky Woman is discussed in the first part: Here
First and Second is discussed in the 2nd part: Here

First my list of ideal dolls for the gods:
Cyril will be the First
Har will be the Second / Diahr
Yakumo will be Khaos
Wally will be Balance
Sumner will by Sky Man
Booth will be Sky Woman

I've been thinking of changing Yakumo to Balance and Wally to Khaos. I think their sculpts might fit better with those characters, but for now it's just an idea. Until I am home again and can work on Yakumo then I probably will not know for sure. Hopefully I can find Wally eventually (or a stand-in doll for him) so I cam compare their faces properly. I can just totally see both Yakumo and Wally as Balance, but I think I can see Wally better as Khaos than I can see Yakumo as Khaos.
For now I will stick to my plan of Yakumo as Khaos and Wally as Balance.

Who are Khaos and Balance?
Khaos and Balance were created when First sacrificed his life to create Earth. They were just little babies that Diahr (Second) took care of. As babies they are not that interesting though they did get into trouble quite often, and some of those stories are a bit funny (imo).
Diahr took a star and broke it into pieces to create Sky Man and Sky Woman, and while he was busy with that Khaos and Balance ate a pieces each. They then become adults.
Khaos took the rest of the star pieces and crushed it up to a fine power, which he spread all over the Earth. Diahr scolded him, and gave him the name of Khaos, because he created much chaos on Earth. Diahr also scolded Balance for not stopping Khaos, and gave him the job to watch Khaos and make sure he did not create too much chaos.
After Sky Man and Sky Woman created the humans, elves, and orcs then Balance created the wizards and Khaos created the trolls.

Balance is watching Khaos, but his main focus lies in wisdom and the power of wisdom . The balance comes from balancing power and wisdom and from balancing the wishes of the supreme ruler and Earth.
He is inspired by Tir in ancient Armenian religion and Menrva from Etruscan religion.
Balance is the god of education, art, the written and the spoken languages, rhetoric, wisdom, war, health, magic, and he is the messenger of Diahr. He can speak on Diahr's behalf when dealing with Earth (as Diahr has given up on Earth). He is de facto in charge of Sky Kingdom, Earth, and everything in between.
He is a very busy god, but he thrives on it. He is usually quiet and peaceful, but Khaos has a way to get under his skin. He loves all the five Dudali species equally, but mostly enjoys watching and helping the writers, poets, musicians, painters, sculptors, and others who use art, languages, and magic to create something new or interesting or beautiful.

In my mind Khaos is the fun uncle that will let us eat pancakes all day. He is not interested in creating chaos as in war and disaster, but chaos like in a big party where he spiked the punch and just leaned back to see what would happen. He is of course the trickster god.
He is not inspired by one specific god, but by the stories I've read about many of them. It is worth remembering he does the things he does for fun and to see what happens. He does nothing to be evil.

How do they look?
I imagine Wally wearing dark/black clothes. I really love this outfit from Loong Soul and if it's still for sale when I can afford it, I might get it. I'm not sure about hairstyle, but I think the color is dark, and I imagine him with very dark eyes. However, I see Balance wearing this outfit and not Khaos (and this is one reason why it is so complicated about Yakumo and Wally as Balance and Khaos)

Yakumo's outfit is more colorful, but it's not too colorful. I think purple or blue or both but in subdued colors (if that makes sense). This outfit I think can work both for Balance (as the artistic side) and Khaos (as the fun side).

søndag den 1. januar 2017

The Gods of Freaksland Part 2 (First and Second)

This is like a continuation of Gods of Freaksland. I mentioned all the gods, but focused on Sky Man and Sky Woman and what they did. This time I will explain a bit more about First and Second. I think I will do another part later on to explain Khaos and Balance.

First my list of ideal dolls for the gods:
Cyril will be the First
Har will be the Second
Yakumo will be Khaos
Wally will be Balance
Sumner will by Sky Man
Booth will be Sky Woman

First and Second will be Nabarro Cyril and Nabarro Har, respectively.

For First and Second I want both of their names to be First and Second, respectively, but not in English. It's not an easy task to find a name meaning first, so I might derive a bit and go for eternal or something similar or just stick to First as his god name.
I have a name for Second. He will be Diarh or Diahr or Dearh or Deahr. When pronounced it sounds similar to second in Chinese (dì èr). I think I prefer the spelling as Diahr, but I'm not sure yet.
Since my gods were (very loosely) inspired by old Asian legends and the style of dress in Sky Kingdom is based on old Asian fashions, then I think it would be a nice tribute to have Seconds name be inspired by Chinese (and now as it is my second home it just seems very fitting).

Who is First?

First was the first being in the universe. He came from nothing and suddenly just was. He created Diahr from his arm, and together they created Sky Kingdom. They lived together in Sky Kingdom and loved each other. But First had a dream of an Earth populated by all possible organisms and even beings looking like he and Second. After many years he sacrificed his life to create this Earth.

For a long time I've been thinking if that should be the end of First, but I have decided not; I don't want him to be gone forever... So my plan is that he did die, or at least part of him did - he did sacrifice himself, but not all of him died. A speck of light that was his soul survived and over the years it was able to grow a body (it/he came from nothing and can create from nothing. Only his soul could do this, as he is the only being, who can create things from nothing. Everyone else needs to transfigure something). It did take the soul a really long time to grow a body (like thousands of years), but it succeeded.

This New!First looks like the Old!First, but then doesn't. It's the same face, but the eyes are different, the way he walks is different, the way he talks, and the way he dresses is different. He is the same as always and he is not the same. Most importantly, he does not know who or what he is. He knows there is something different about him, but he does not dwell on it. He knows it is not normal not to age or to live forever. At first he hid himself, then he wandered the world and listened to the old legends and help out wherever he could.

For the last two hundred years he has been living in the depths of the big library in Median. There he is considered as a human-ghost and simply known as the Librarian. He knows all about the books there and he knows all the information, so people coming to the Median Library seek his help.

He calls himself Eddy because it just felt right and I've been reading about Eddy diffusion and water dynamics in school, so the word is just stuck in my mind. I kinda like "Eddy the Librarian" as a reference to him.

And so the question is how does he tie in with my Freaks? When Henry has trouble finding information about what could hide Bringer from the other fates, he travels to this library and seeks help here.

And who is Diahr (Second)?

First created Diahr from his arm. When First sacrificed himself to create Earth Diahr was devastated. First's sacrifice also created Khaos and Balance, but as babies. That was actually what made Diahr continue on; two new lives depended on him and his work.

He wanted to fulfill First's wish to create a world inhabited by species of every kind. It was slow work, and he spend a lot of time on Earth in the beginning to calm the waters, and grow the mountains. He grew the grass, but from that sprang a tree (he had not expected that). The little things that Diahr grew on Earth evolved and changed and from the grass came all kinds of plants. He grew a bacteria, and that evolved and changed into different organisms, which in turn changed and evolved.

He looked at the Earth and realized something was missing; beings looking like he and First, beings with a purpose of taking care of the Earth. These beings could not simply be grow as they required a soul to feel empathy for the Earth and all the organisms living there.

He took a star from the ends of the universe and broke it into pieces; from one piece sprang Sky Man and from another piece sprang Sky Woman. The two babies were watching their mother (they considered Diahr to be their mother) and found the pieces of the star interesting so they each ate a piece when Diahr wasn't looking. They instantaneously grew to look like adults.

Diahr gave Sky Man and Sky Woman a job to do; to create the beings to live on Earth. Using the star pieces/dust inside of them, they created the Elves, Orcs, and Humans. Khaos and Balance changed a few individuals and ended up creating the Wizards and the Trolls.

Khaos took the rest of the star pieces and crushed them into fine powder. Then he spread this powder over the entire world. Slowly the star dust was incorporated into every organism on Earth. (This created chaos, which is the basis of Khaos' name).

Diahr decided to let Khaos, Balance, Sky Man and Sky Woman take care of the Earth. Diahr didn't go to Earth any more and lived in Sky Kingdom since that day. He would control the Universe from Sky Kingdom, but not care for each little human, tree, or squirrel on Earth as he assumed the four other could take care of that. He missed First and slowly lost interest in Earth.

Diahr is considered the ultimate ruler of the universe. But how would he react when he discovers there is someone on Earth that he never thought to see again?

How do they look?

In my mind Diahr has an androgynous look. In some parts of the world he is considered as the Great Mother. In actuality he has no gender, but I referre to him as "he". The gods usually do not have a gender, but due to the star dust Khaos, Balance, Sky Man and Sky Woman all have genders, and when they made the Dudali people they gave them a bit of the star dust, and because of Khaos every living thing on Earth has a gender.
I imagine Second wearing a traditional outfit with white and peach colors, very long hair in a dark brown color. His eyes should be a very light color like ice blue.

Old!First also has an androgynous god-look, but New!First is male and looks male. His soul made his new body when he was on Earth and some star dust was integrated in his new body.
My focus is on New!First. I see him with a modern asymmetrical haircut (or just a side parting with hair falling in front of just one eye), glasses with green glass, and brown eyes. I can't get a clear image of this outfit, but it is not Asian like the gods nor Asian inspired like the Unity. It's more close to Henry's (Soom Bix) style.