tirsdag den 9. oktober 2018

Current Universes

I've been changing a bit around in the dolls. My newest plan is to divide the dolls into different universes and change the dolls around a bit.
I don't own bodies for all of the characters, so the most important part is that dolls within a universe have their own bodies. The bodies are then shared between the universes.

This is the current plan:
The blue name is the working name of the universe/world. 
A name in bold is the name of the character (if there is no name then it means I am unsure about is or currently working on a new name) 

Et: Nabarro Cyril / LoongSoul (NS yellow)
Diahr: Nabarro Har / Dollstown 18yr (copper oriental) – maybe change to 24M (Khan)
Khaos: Nabarro Yakumo / Dikadoll
Balance: Nabarro Wally / Universedoll (NS yellow)
Harmony: Demiurge Dolls Hero / Demiurge Dolls (NS)
Nabarro Sumner (WS) / Dollstown 18yr (fresh)
Nabarro Booth / Dollstown 17yr (fresh)
Demon: Rumpeldoll Abaddon / Dollstown 18y hybrid (Fresh)
Demon as human: Rumpeldoll Abaddon / Dollstown 18y hybrid (Fresh)
Creator: Volks Yuh / Volks YoTenshi
Bringer: Little Mermaid / Spiritdoll Fantasy (tan)
Collector: Popodoll Ramiel / Popodoll 70 (tan)
Guardian: Luts Bory / Luts KID Delf (real skin brown)
Iplehouse Skull Crow (WS) / Ringdoll RGM-4 hybrid (Tan)

Voodoo: Fifth Motif Venitu / Fifth Motif (caramel brown)
Zombie: Ringdoll Zombie Sol / Ringdoll RGM-1 (grey)
Scorpio: Elfdoll Vivien / Soom Super Gem Scorpio (bronze)
Henry: Demiurge Dolls Maybach / Ringdoll RGM-4 (NS)
Don: LET Don / Soom Super Gem (brown tan)
Joanna: Argodoll KS / Argodoll (light tan)
Demiurge Doll Warden / Dollstown 18yr (Fresh)

Nathaniel: Iplehouse Rex / Dollshe 24M
Vadim: Demiurge Dolls Alexey / Demiurge Dolls
Morgan: Twigling Ylisande / Iplehouse nYID
Pretty Boy: Nabarro Sumner / Fifth Motif (copper oriental)
Francis: Demiurge Dolls Eagle / Dollstown 18yr (fresh)
Volks Ruby (ebony) / Ringdoll RGM-4 hybrid (tan)

Ancient Koreans:
Seung-Hyuk: Demiurge Dolls Lel / Universedoll (NS yellow)
Jae-won: Edelweiss Sculpt Gagnon / Demiurge Dolls body (NS)

Modern Boys:
Fifth Motif Goohwa / Fifth Motif (pure copper oriental)
Fifth Motif Venitu / Fifth Motif (Pure Modern Grey)
Twigling Eloy / Fifth Motif (pure avatar blue)
Peakswoods Dlight / Peakswoods FOC (Grey)
Sheldon: Demiurge Dolls Hummer / Demiurge Dolls (NS)
Bluoxyde Ezra Miller head (NS pink)

Elfdoll Ruru (tan) / Volks SD16 body (ebony)
Fifth Motif Goohwa (Pure Avatar Blue) / Fifth Motif (Pure Avatar Blue)
Meeksdoll Murphy head (cookie) – WAITING
Demiurge Dolls Eagle (miscolorated) / Universedoll body (NS)
Fifth Motif Venitu / Fifth Motif (Honey Caramel Brown)

tirsdag den 14. august 2018

Gods; who are they?

The gods are in many ways just the same gods as always. 

The dolls:
Et: Nabarro Cyril / Demiurge Dolls body
Diahr: Nabarro Har / Dollstown 18yr boy body
Khaos: Nabarro Yakumo / Dikadoll 73cm body
Balance: Nabarro Wally / Universedoll body
Sky Man: Nabarro Sumner / Dollstown 18yr boy body
Sky Woman: Nabarro Booth / Dollstown 17yr girl body
Harmony: Universedoll Blanc / Ringdoll RGM-4 body (unsure about the body)

The story:

The first god is Et. He just appeared one day and he is the only being in the entire universe, who can create something from nothing. Every other being can only create something from something. 

Et was lonely and created Diahr by ripping off his own arm and creating Diahr from it (he could have just created Diahr from nothing, but felt they would be closer if they were made from the same material). They were all that existed and they were happy. They lived in the Palace Beyond, which Et created for them.

After many years Et decided to create other things like planets and stars, but in his eager to create he also created the fire dragon, which is a being made entirely of fire and who's only agenda is to burn whatever it touches. It destroyed half of the universe before Et was able to figure out how to stop it. Using his own body he trapped the fire dragon. The fire dragon was encased by Et's body and could not escape, but neither could Et. They were stuck. Over many years, both Et and the fire dragon lost their consciences and the fire dragon turned into liquid fire and Et turned to stone.

Diahr cried for the loss of Et and wanted him back. He broke two pieces of stone from the surface of Et’s back. Diahr tried to create Et, but ended up creating Baby 1 and Baby 2 instead. They were only babies and looking at them, Diahr realized that he had to take care of them. The babies brought some happiness back into Diahr’s life.

The stone planet (formerly known as Et) was a constant reminder of Et for Diahr. One day grass started to grow on the planet and Diahr decided to do his best to make Et’s dreams come true, but he also knew he could not do himself because the pain was too much. He named the planet Etter. To help the planet grow, he took a star and broke it up. From one piece he created Sky Man and from another he created Sky Woman. He told them to take care of Etter, while he would remain in the Palace Beyond with the babies.

While Diahr was busy Baby 1 dared Baby 2 to eat a piece of the star. They both did and turned into adults. Baby 1 then took the rest of the star and crushed it. The star dust he spread all over Etter. When Diahr found out, he scolded him, and gave him the name of Khaos, because he created much chaos. Diahr also scolded Baby 2 and gave him the name of Balance, because he needed to watch Khaos and make sure he did not create too much chaos.

Sky Man and Sky Woman created the humans, elves, and orcs. Balance thought that was  not enough and he created the wizards, and Khaos created the trolls. Those are the Dudali species created in Et’s image. Sky Man and Sky Woman watched the planet and helped it grow, Balance and Khaos took a special interest in the dudalis, and Diahr turned his back on all of it.

Khaos took a special interest in the dudali species and wanted to play with them. He was not interested in creating chaos as in war and disaster, but he always wanted to see how far he could push it and see what would happen. He is of course the trickster god.

Like Khaos Balance cared about the dudalis. Balance was watching Khaos, but his main focus lied in wisdom and the power of wisdom. His power comes from balancing power and wisdom and from balancing the wishes of the supreme ruler (Diahr) and Etter. Balance was the god of education, art, the written and the spoken languages, rhetoric, wisdom, war, health, magic, and he was the messenger of Diahr. He could speak on Diahr's behalf when dealing with Etter, though Diahr never said anything. He was de facto in charge of Etter and also had to take care of the Palace Beyond, and everything in between.

Balance was busy and stressed, but he could not leave anyone else in charge. Khaos wanted to help, so he created Harmony. He was supposed to be Balance’s helper, but Balance rejected him and Khaos didn’t really care. He had tried to help, but his help was no wanted, so he let Balance do whatever he wanted to do. Balance would not give up any of his power. Harmony spends most of his time walking Etter and helping individuals out. He feels like the outside-god, but he found peace of mind helping individuals.

Life cannot continue as it is...

mandag den 13. august 2018

Pirates; Who are they?

After changing around a bit with my dolls, the Pirates-universe expanded. So, who are the pirates now?
Nathaniel and Morgan are remaining and is then joined by Vadim, Marina, Magnus, Pretty Boy, and Marius. The story is not completely developed yet. I still need to figure out everything (including Pretty Boy's name).

Nathaniel: Iplehouse Rex / Dollshe 24M body (waiting for body)
Morgan: Twigling Ylisande / Iplehouse nYID body
Vadim: Demiurge Dolls Alexey / Demiurge Dolls body
Marina: Volks Ruby / Volks SD16 body
Magnus: Demiurge Dolls Eagle / Dollstown 18yr body
Pretty Boy: Nabarro Sumner / Fifth Motif body (waiting for body)
Marius: Volks Ruby / Ringdoll RGM-4 body

søndag den 5. august 2018

Finally, An Update!!

It's been more than a year since I last updated my blog. I am wondering if I should give it a go and try to use this blog again or not. I am more active on IG, but in some ways a blog might be a better way to keep track of my ideas.

My bjd family has changed a lot over the last year and my plans have changed a lot too. Most importantly I have decided to split my dolls into different stories. The "Freaks" was starting to get to big for me and the "Pirates" was getting too small, and in all of that I started to have new ideas also.
My plan is to continue with "Freaks", but I will split the gods from "Freaks" into their own story. I will also continue with "Pirates", but their story will change. I hope to bring to life a more modern story also. Not all my dolls fit into these stories, but this is a start. As I develope the stories more, I will hopefully be able to fit all the dolls.

So the stories right now are:
1) Freaks
2) Gods
3) Pirates
4) Modern